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Only Fools on Horses - Virtual Horse Show Rules

If you have any questions about the rules please contact us.

Once we have received your entry 'Only Fools On Horses Virtual Horse Shows' reserve the right to display your image in any section of the website or our social media platforms.
All classes are £3.00 per entry unless otherwise stated in the schedule. Any refunds are paid less PayPal Fees.
Payment needs to be made before your entry will be approved and added to the site to be judged.
Unpaid entries will not appear in the listings for Judging and will be deleted.
All Competition Entries must be received and paid for by 8pm on the day of show closure (see rule 3). Rosettes will NOT be set to winners who have not paid.
The conditions for each class will be displayed on the schedule each month
No horse and rider can compete in the same class more than once.
A rider/handler may compete in the same class more than once with multiple horses.
You must have permission of the horses owner, if the horse does not belong to you, before entering.
You must have permission to use the photo that you are entering. By entering our shows/competitions, you are signifying that you DO have permission to use the photo.
Any photographers who dispute image ownership please contact the rider to resolve the issue. We will not enter into any discussions regarding image copyright, these should be resolved by the photographer & rider. Images in question will be suspended until any issue is resolved.
Judges may not enter a class that they are judging.
Each shows closing date will be clearly displayed on the schedule.
Results will be posted on the website once all judges have sent in their results.
Judges decision is final, no discussions regarding judging or results will be entered into.
All UK Rosettes will be despatched using 2nd Class Royal Mail, please contact us if you require special delivery.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of rosettes.
Unless you wish to pay for special delivery, we can not be held responsible for losses in the post. If you would like to arrange special delivery please contact us.
 Prizes for international entries will be delivered Airmail at cost price (Royal  Mail)
 OFOH assumes no responsibility for images uploaded by competitors. You  should ensure you own the copyright of any images entered.
17 OFOH Sponsors ocassionaly provide prizes. The provision of the prizes are the Sponsors responsibility. OFOH accept no liability for unfullfilled prizes.
 Inappropriate entries will be deleted.
 Infringement of the rules may result in a ban.

In the event of a Points Winner Tie, the Judges will make the final decision as to the winner.

All content within the website is copyright © of Only Fools On Horses - Virtual Horse Shows, all rights reserved.

*Please note as a registered user  you will be able to edit your entry at any time up to judging. Please consider registering on the site.