Only Fools On Horses - Online Horse Photo Shows - Festive Schedule 2020:
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Closing date: 8pm 20th December 2020.

£3.00 Per Entry (Except Class 5 - £1.00 Per Entry)


Class One - Judges Favourite
Open to any pets of all shapes and sizes! Will be judged on which the judge would most like to take home!
Sponsored by Fresh Connection, Campbeltown.

Enter Show - £3.00 Per Entry

Class Two - Favourite Memory
A chance to show off your favourite memory with your beloved pet. Whether it's a competition with your horse or cuddling your dog on the sofa at home, this class is open to all! This can be a single or group photo.
Sponsored by Harlequin Tearoom, Campbeltown.

Enter Show - £3.00 Per Entry

Class Three - My Best Friend
A chance to show off your best furry, finned or feathered friend.
Sponsored by Olly's Street Food, Campbeltown.

Enter Show - £3.00 Per Entry

Class Four - My Horse and I - Open.

Ridden, in hand or at liberty. Picture needs to include you and your amazing four legged friend, at a competition or at home!

Does NOT need to be a show photo

Sponsored By Renaissance Rosettes and Ribbons.

Enter Show - £3.00 Per Entry

Class Five - You've Got A Friend In Me
This class is very special...this is open to children and their favourite toys or cuddly toys!
We wanted to make sure that all children have the chance to enter, even if they don't have a pet!
Only £1.00 per entry for this special class.

Enter Show - £1.00 Per Entry

All entry proceedings from Class Five (You've Got a Friend In Me) will be donated to the Campbeltown Christmas Lights fund.

You can make a direct donation to the fund via PayPal by clicking HERE

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