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Welcome to Only Fools on Horses - Virtual Online Horse Photo Shows.

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Only Fools On Horses Virtual Horse Shows is a chance for horse owners from all walks of life to compete in Virtual Horse Shows!..Schedule and rosettes just like a real show but all without leaving the stable!

Simply use our system to send in your entries*, after checking our schedule for which classes you'd like to enter, they'll be uploaded to our website and will be judged when the show closes. It's as easy as that! No more early mornings at the yard bathing and plaiting!

It's perfect for people who have never competed before and want a chance to win some rosettes. Or for people who are unable to get out and about to different events for whatever reason. We aim to provide quality judging with high class rosettes and prizes!

The Virtual Horse Show Schedule will change regularly, always having a variety of classes so that there is something for everyone. Every schedule there will be gorgeous rosettes to 6th place in all classes, just £3.00 per entry! (speciual class prices may apply)


rosettes 2012 Win rosettes to 6th place in every class, just like you would get at a real show!

The closing date for each show will be clearly displayed on the schedule. All entries must be received and paid for by 8pm on the day of closing. Judging will commence at 8.30pm, this will allow time for any last minute entries to be uploaded.

Results will be posted on the site as soon as Judging completes but not later than within 24 hours of shows' closure.

Please see our rules page for information on entering.

*Quick and simple sign-up is for anti-spam measures only. We won't bombard you with emails for any reason other than to communicate about your entry.

Good luck everybody!

All payments are securely processed by PayPal